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A One Of Us Is Lying Review

One Of Us Is Lying is a murder mystery novel written by Karen M. McManus, it explores many themes such as romance, suspense, drama, family and friendship. It follows a group of four   main characters who are sorted into American high school stereotypes, the nerd Bronwyn, the criminal Nate, the jock Cooper, the princess Addy and their search for the truth. After Simon, creator of the “About That” app dies from a peanut allergy, the four become suspects.

The author puts a spin on the cliché high school character types by having them being self-aware about it and evolve into better people throughout the story. An example of this is Addy, she had no thoughts or opinions of her own until she broke out of the relationship with her controlling ex-boyfriend, Jake.

The book is quite interesting and can be unexpected some twists and turns that you might not expect. The plot is simple but not too predictable with the characters being the more compelling parts that drive the story and having reasons for their actions.

Overall, this is a great book, obviously not the most influential piece of literature ever produced however, if you enjoy high school drama stories with a murder mystery twist, it’s an interesting read. The story seems to be more aimed for pre-teens, teenagers and young adults with mature themes and plot lines.

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this was a very helpful review and has encouraged me to read this book!

30th Apr, 19